Youngsters – Other Sessions

Saturday Afternoon Sailing

If you wish to continue sailing on a Saturday afternoon, SYCSA is there to help. Whilst there is no formal tuition during the afternoon sessions there is a safety boat and a SYCSA committee member usually around to help facilitate the session. The benefit is that children can embed what they have learned and enjoy the freedom to sail. This is open to all sailors who have achieved a Level 3 qualification so that they are deemed competent to sail on their own.


If there is enough enthusiasm some structure around informal racing or similar may be possible.


If you are using SYCSA equipment and have attended the morning session, the cost is only £7.00 per person. If you have just come along and are a SYCSA member and want to borrow a boat, the cost is £15 per person. Adults can also partake if they have undertaken a SYCSA course for £15 per person per session.


Winter Junior Sailing Package

With the aim of encouraging young RYA Stage 2 sailors to participate with club sailing through the winter, we have come up with a fantastic deal for all competent SYCSA members.

For £30 SYCSA will loan you a Pico, Optimist or Topper for the period that SYCSA isn’t operating. You will join Durleigh Sailing Club for a nominal fee of £5 for the same period and be entitled to use all the club facilities and join racing and sailing.

Sailing at Durleigh during the winter is organised by racing on Sunday mornings in a Christmas Winter Series, or New Year ‘Icicle’ series. Members who sail agree to share the club duties between them. This is a good opportunity to meet others and gain experience.

The Sailing Committee is making special arrangements to make it easier for inexperienced juniors to join in with the racing. There are prizes available!

Full details are available here: Winter-deal-Durleigh-Sailing-Club-and-SYCSA


Other Courses

Depending on demand and skill levels amongst the various sailors, we can extend their sailing towards becoming proficient racing sailors. This forms part of the advanced course offerings from the RYA syllabus. We have some race orientated fleets and specific racing dinghies. It is open to adults and children. Here are links to some more RYA information.

RYA Small Boat Racing

RYA Learn to Race Courses

As well as focusing on developing students in individual race skills and RYA recognition, we have also successfully ran events for youth development classes such as RS Feva , Topper  and Optimists.

If any of this is of interest please contact