SYCSA (Somerset Youth and Community Sailing Association) and DSC (Durleigh Sailing Club) normally run at least one day or afternoon advertised and open to the general public every year towards the beginning of the sailing season.


Please read the signing in sheet carefully.

You do not have to have any previous experience. Your helms are all experienced, many are qualified instructors and most volunteer to teach on Saturday mornings. They will tell you what to do. If you do not understand please say so.

Should you be unlucky enough to capsize the buoyancy aid you are wearing will help you float and keep you a bit warmer while you are awaiting rescue. Stay with the boat and your helm will help you and tell you what to do.

What to wear

Please bring warm clothes, perferably several layers, a change of clothes and a towel in case you get wet and shoes that almost certainly will get a little wet.


To try and show you the enjoyment of sailing we will, after you have signed on and if conditions are suitable:-

Fit you with a buoyancy aid and give you a short safety brief.

Take you out in some of the bigger double hander boats, some of which are used to teach on Saturdays and some owned by the club members.

Have demonstrations by a fleet of single handers, probably the yellow Picos or the Toppers which SYCSA use on Saturday mornings so you can see what they get up to.

Have a couple of the fast, performance boats that are used for racing and training on Saturday so you can see them in action. If the conditions are really good we may be able to offer some “white knuckle “rides with one of our more sprightly helms.

As you can see there are safety boats out and if they are not too busy we may be able to take you out to photograph your children in action.  For this we may use the SYCSA ribs which are more comfortable and seaworthy than the orange boats. They are especially suited when we tow some of the dinghies to Plymouth for a week for sea sailing. This gives students and instructors a chance to widen their experience. NOTE the boat’s primary role is as Safety cover so your trip may be longer, wetter and more exciting than you expected.


We have a number of sailors who have particular needs, physical and otherwise and though we don’t have much specialised equipment, like a wheel chair lift, will work with you to enable you to join in and enjoy sailing and being by the water.

TASTERS for SCOUTS, SCHOOLS (pupils and or teachers) and similar groups

SYCSA run tasters for groups on a Saturday afternoon or a weekday evening. Please contact us for details if you would like to arrange this.