Getting ready

So we are ready we have agreed to order some small sails for the Picos. This make it easier for small beginers to sail single handed. We will have another progress meeting on Thursday 4th March. We hope it will all be clearer by then and we can see you on the water soon!

2nd Trial Session

With the current 2 meter rule and even with the new 1 meter plus it is problematic to sail double handers or teach complete beginners. We are looking at how we can best use our single handers.
The session last Saturday 20th was largely taken with mowing grass and moving boats so that the single handers were more accessible.
We are going to run a trial session at SYCSA next Saturday (27th) to assess the feasibility of returning, in a limited capacity, to run the Saturday Club. We are not able to return as a Drop-In club at present, because numbers will have to be managed carefully. We are looking at suitable booking systems.
We have invited current volunteers(SIs, I, AIs SB, & others etc.), and those who have the potential to become Assistant Instructors. This session will run as a trial from 9.30am to 1pm, at no cost (unless you wish to offer a voluntary contribution!).
We hope to expand our offering as soon as we can. Watch this space!

Postponed AGM

We are sorry that the AGM scheduled for the start of the season on 25th April could not take place. We are sending out copies of the documents you would have had by email. There are the minutes of last year, the draft accounts, an agenda for this year, a Saturday Club report. If you would like a copy of these documents and a voting form or have any questions could you email before 20th June. We will tally the votes as though at an AGM on Saturday 27th June.