Notice of SYCSA AGM

SYCSA AGM Saturday 26th June 2021 to be held at Durleigh Sailing Club

Start time 13:15. Since we need to be quick as we have afternoon sailing all documents will be placed on the website so they can be read before the meeting.

As usual if you have any questions or feel you could contribute could you email please in advance in case research is needed?

Saturday Afternoon

We ran a successful free trial for adults on 1st May in the afternoon using Wayfarer dinghies. At least two said they would like to take up our upcoming adult courses. Sandra will send out invitations for further sessions . We also hosted Taunton school who apeared to enjoy themselves in the Picos.


CORONAVIRUS TESTS.The government is currently providing free lateral flow tests for the coronavirus. You can pick them up from a chemist or order online at . Older children and teachers are already using these tests. Most of our volunteers are already testing themselves and we suggest that it would be wise for all our adult students to also do so. This is in addition to the social distancing rules and any mask wearing that may be advised.