Would you like to try managing the website? New volunteer needed


Due to the existing Web Admin moving to pastures new, SYCSA require someone else to manage the website. This is quite fun and will be a good opportunity to either develop new skills or extend existing ones. Please fill in the contact form, if you wish to reach me to discuss what it involves. It does not take long and the site was developed with WordPress which provides easy to use interfaces for the management of the web pages.

SYCSA Saturday Club restarts!

Saturday Club restarts on 25th August. Don’t go shopping for new school shoes, come sailing instead!

Saturday Afternoon Impromptu Coaching Success

A few sailors (adults and kids) stayed on last Saturday afternoon and the kids had a great 2 boat session in RS Visions plus some Laser practice. As the safety boat was being manned by SYCSA volunteers, they were able to provide informal advice and guidance for the sailors on the water and we saw some great spinnaker work, fast reaching and practising a few racing starts. Whilst not possible every Saturday, it is a great way to consolidate learning and build upon what the kids have learned and let them put that into practice. The cost is an INCREDIBLY cheap £7 if you took part in the morning, or £15 if are just turning up and want to borrow a SYCSA boat. Speak to Saturday Club team members in the morning to make sure they know or book in advance via our Web Collect (Bookings) page.