Funding Projects and Goals

Over the years, SYCSA has had many projects, each with a goal towards increasing what we can offer the communities and interests we aim to serve.

Whilst dinghy sailing is quite accessible, building such a capability for the community is not cheap. Factor in the wear and tear on equipment, dinghies, rescue boats, teaching material and it is an ongoing challenge.

Current Project

Information on the current project will be defined here.

Amazing Facts

In terms of investment, this is what we have had to purchase and maintain to be able to offer our services.

Boats Equipment People
12 Topper
9 Optimist
10 Pico
1 Comet Trio
3 Wayfarers
1 Bahia
2 performance boats
Road Trailers
Class sails
Life Jackets
Spray Suits
Wet Suits
21 Dinghy Instructors
5 Powerboat Instructors
12 Advanced D.I.
5 Senior D.I.
3 Coach/Instructors

Previous Projects

Project Names Sponsors Goal
Fleet 2000 Sport England Enabled SYCSA to enhance the fleet of dinghies and offer more opportunities.
Fleet 2000 and beyond Gerber Foods and Soft Drinks

GE Elfun

Sedgemoor District Council

Broaden sailing fleet further to meet increasing demand and increase course availability
Beyond Fleet 2000 Viridor Credits Environmental Company

Sedgemoor District Council

Bridgwater Freemasons

Energy Solutions

To meet new demands for training and racing
Enable Youth Sport England

Have a Heart Foundation

Increase in provision for disadvantaged, disabled and more able youngsters.
Enable All Big Lottery Peoples Millions Replacement of dinghies to enable all on a low to no cost basis to sail
Enable Youth Racing Sport England

Sedgemoor District Council

Councillor Anne Bown

EDF Community Fund

To support the growing cadre of younsters who wish to race through the provision of Topper and Optimist dinghies
Extend Youth and Adult Sailing To replace dinghies and equipment so that we can continue to offer similar capabilities to the community