Helping Youth Attainment


Last night I along with many parents was invited to a talk on raising boys achievement at our secondary school. This was a really stimulating talk by Gary Wilson who has a background in education and has written several books including Help Your Boys Succeed: The Essential Guide for Parents (Help Your Child to Succeed).

He provides practical tips and advice and it struck me as something that resonates with what SYCSA does:

– effectively engage with children and youths
– create the right culture for learning
– develop emotional intelligence
– develop self-esteem

This message is not limited to boys, however, his focus was on raising their attainment to close the gap on performance at school.

Sailing as an activity and SYCSA as a family based association could help nurture the right culture and can be an outlet to help both boys and girls develop their self-esteem and be an outlet for their need for independence and achievement.

We have recently published a new page (Meritous Mentions) with a number of young people who have done well and we think exemplify what SYCSA and sailing can provide for the next generations.