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As an RYA  recognised training centre SYCSA offers a range of courses for youngsters and adults both able-bodied and disabled. More information about courses and progression can be found in the following pdf documents below:

SYCSA Information:

SYCSA Info leaflet 2017

Saturday Sailing Club Info 2017

RYA Information:

RYA Adult Dinghy Courses Leaflet

RYA Youth Dinghy Courses Leaflet

If you still need more help, perhaps looking at the RYA website might help you understand more about the courses. Our courses are covered by the following RYA  links:

RYA Dinghy Courses

RYA Powerboat Courses

Please note that SYCSA can also offer bespoke or shorter duration courses. Please contact us for any further information.

For Youngsters:

Event Type Cost Purpose
Play Sail Days £6.50 per session This is for real beginners who want to sit in a dinghy with a trained instructor and experience the sailing first hand.
Saturday Club £12.50 per session Regular Saturday morning sessions for anyone between 8 and 18. For beginners and improvers.
Saturday Afternoon Sessions £7 per session An extension to the morning sessions for youngsters who wish to either play sail or solidify their learning. This might include informal racing and can include dinghy hire.
Saturday Race Club Cost depends on numbers Specific dates for youngsters who want to learn to race.

For Adults

Event Type Price Purpose
Get started £20 - per 2 hr session An instructor led short introductory course in dinghy sailing. Introductory Fee.
Ladies only Level 1 (4 sessions) Level 1 £135 for four sessions Contact us The opportunity to learn sailing skills with female instructors.
RYA Courses - developing skills £42 - per session OR £135 for four sessions OR (e.g. RYA Level 1) £170 for six sessions (e.g. RYA Level 1 &2) Join in on Saturday mornings on either a pay per sail or per course basis. This is your opportunity to work through the RYA syllabus gaining the relevant level 1 to 4 certification.

For Groups

Event Type Price Purpose
Youth Groups e.g. schools, clubs and societies Contact us - circa £10 to £20 per student, depending on numbers and times These can be tailored to suit. They can incorporate elements of developing water awareness, confidence building, new experiences and personal development opportunities. Our sessions can be reoccurring with an aim to achieve RYA certification for the students. Age wise, typically the courses are for primary or secondary school age children from the age of 6 onwards.
Adults Group Activities Contact us - circa £15 per session SYCSA can also host adult opportunities perhaps similar to the ladies sailing evenings - to give people an opportunity to try sailing. These are best discussed and arranged after a discussion with SYCSA, so that we can try to understand your needs.




thFor disabled courses, these can be run on a one-off basis and tailored to your need. The club was awarded RYA sailability status.  For more details of RYA Sailability, please check the RYA website.


For further information about any of our courses, or to enquire about a course please send an email to the following address – courses@sycsa.org.uk